Shotgun Training Course

Shotgun Training Course

  • The Roxburghe Shotgun Training Course

    The Roxburghe Shotgun Training Course is for you if: You are new to Clay Pigeon Shooting. If you wish to get involved in this sport the right way. The Roxburghe Shooting School offers a certificated, professional Shooting and Competency Shotgun Training Course. The Shotgun Training Course will mean you can prove to anyone that you have completed a structured course on safety, competency and shooting skills. It cover all the important and necessary information you need to know when learning how to use a shotgun safely. Most important when applying for a shotgun certificate, it shows you as a responsible shotgun owner.

    This is a wonderful way to learn the art of Clay Pigeon Shooting and understanding the responsibility that comes from shotgun ownership. Whether you are an individual, family, friends or a school or college, the Shotgun Training Course is very easy to follow in its modular structure and the course is run over a full day.

    We usually take up to 3 people on the course in any one day. There is a lot to cover to allow more tuition time for each delegate. If you wish to book a larger group, we will simply add more Tutors.

    The course includes:

      • Full safety briefing
      • Suitable types of shotguns
      • Types of disciplines
      • Shotgun handling skills
      • Correct stance – how it effects the shot
      • Gunfit – how it effects the shot
      • Eye dominance – how it effects the shot
      • How to break moving clay targets – the theory
      • How to break moving clay targets – practical out on the range
      • Shooting “Methods” in more detail
      • Cartridges, proofing, chokes, further shotguns, cleaning and maintenance
      • The difference between Clay and Game Shooting
      • Use of our shotguns, cartridges and clays
      • All safety equipment
      • Insurance
      • Certificates
      • The full day course is inclusive of tea and coffee, all equipment and shotguns, clays, cartridges PPE and certificates.

    Price @£275.00 per person


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