Learn the Art of Clay Pigeon Shooting with Professional Shooting Lessons


Due to the pandemic, Instructors cannot come into physical contact with participants, which makes teaching safe firearms control to novices exceedingly difficult at a distance. This is the reason why we are only offering Lessons for the foreseeable future – to teach you safety and shotgun control, making it safer for both of us.

This takes longer than when Instructors would have previously loaded, closed, then inserted the shotgun into the shoulder of the participant and stand closely to them, supporting the Shotgun, with their face next to theirs, possibly also supporting their shoulder/back.

The maximum number in a lesson at any one time will be 1-2 per instructor.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons are given by a Senior Coach or instructor, these shooting lessons are designed to bring on a person that already shoots with their own shotgun OR to teach the art of Clay Pigeon Shooting to a complete novice.

Much more comprehensive than the ‘Experience’ packages – these are Professional Shooting Lessons of a very high standard designed to teach and coach rather than a starter ‘have a go’ session.

Shooting Lessons include: Gun fit, stance, eye dominance testing, gun mounting style and technique. If the client has their own gun, the gun fit is an invaluable exercise. We offer gun fitting for over and under shotguns as well as classic side by sides. It’s a very skilled process and your lesson will be taken by a true professional in his/her field.

We also offer specific remedial shooting lessons for those hitting a ‘wall’ in their shooting, we assess, diagnose and give you the remedy required for getting back on track in clay or game.

Game Shooting Lessons are also available, try our Grouse Butts on fast, low flying birds, or speedy partridge! Also out high tower, delivering high driven Pheasant. Let us set up a warm up simulated ‘Flush’ where you can shoot off the peg to clear away the cobwebs!

  • 1 person 2 hrs – £125.00
  • 1 person 2.5 hrs – £160.00
  • 2 persons 2.5 hrs – £240.00
  • 2 persons 3 hrs – £265.00

Shooting Lessons – Clays and cartridges are charged @ £15.00 per 25.

Safety glasses and ear plugs are compulsory and can be purchased from us @ £8.00 per person, or you may bring your own.

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